AZ Spa Conrod Boring-Grinding Machine BR1000

Model: BR1000

The Conrod Boring-Grinding Machine BR1000 from AZ spa is the perfect solution for a wide range of conrod boring and grinding operations. Featuring a robust design, precision components and a wide range of accessories, this machine is suitable for both small engine rebuilders and large production facilities. With its easy-to-use control panel and automatic cycle, the BR1000 delivers reliable and accurate results every time.

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Boring capacity : 15-250mm

Grinding capacity : 30-250mm

Min.-Max. conrod center distance : 160-1000mm

Height of spindle C/L over table : 380mm

Boring spindle rotation speeds : 0-1200rpm

Grinding spindle rotation speeds : 1500-9500rpm

Grinding spindle revolution speed : 80-160rpm

Radial grinding travel (max. eccentricity of wheel C/L) : 12mm

Max. table traverse : 420mm

Variable automatic table speed on both sides : 0-165mm/min

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