Air Powered Hydraulic Pump HAP Range

Model: HAP Range

The HAP two stage air powered hydraulic pump range offers a low pressure flow of 10 litres/min with automatic changeover to 700 bar high pressure flow rate of 1.3 litres/min. Driven by a powerful 3 kW rotary air motor with a maximum air consumption of 2.4 m3 per minute at 7 bar inlet air pressure, the HAP range offers a choice of pump mounted or remote control valves and oil reservoirs all fitted with filler and drain plugs. A full range of system components suitable for use with HAP pump units are available.

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  • Powerful air motor
  • Choice of control valves
  • Supplied as standard with pressure gauge, couplers, FRL unit and robust roll frame
  • Externally adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Manual valve with load holding feature fitted as standard

Air Driven Pumps - General Duty High Flow


HAP21011 P-T Plate 10 10 1.3 41.5
HAP21012 P-T Plate 25 10 1.3 57.5
HAP21021 2-way 10 10 1.3 42.0
HAP21022 2-way 25 10 1.3 58.0
HAP21031 3-way 10 10 1.3 42.0
HAP21032 3-way 25 10 1.3 58.0
HAP21041 4-way 10 10 1.3 42.0
HAP21042 4-way 25 10 1.3 58.0


HAP21011 393 198 246 438
HAP21012 422 227 306 570
HAP21021 393 198 246 438
HAP21022 422 227 306 570
HAP21031 393 198 246 438
HAP21032 422 227 306 570
HAP21041 393 198 246 438
HAP21042 422 227 306 570
Product Details
HAP Range

Data sheet

HAP Range
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Operator type
Two Stage Operation
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