Acting Hollow Piston Cylinder HHS Range

Model: HHS Range

The HHS single acting hollow piston cylinder range is extremely versatile for use in tooling, maintenance and tensioning applications. Specifically designed with a hollow piston to enable a rod or cable to be passed through the entire cylinder length for applications where a pulling force is required, the HHS range is used extensively in post-tensioning and pre-stressing applications as well as testing of various bonded or mechanical anchoring systems. HHS cylinders can also be used for general lifting applications, when fitted with readily available interchangeable hardened steel piston rod saddles.

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  • Spring assisted return
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Optional piston rod saddles
  • Nitrocarburised piston rod
  • Anti-extrusion seals
  • Collar thread protector supplied as standard

Single Acting Hollow Piston Cylinders


HHS101 11 25 39 15.8 2.8
HHS102 11 50 79 15.8 3.0
HHS106 11 152 240 15.8 10.2
HHS202 23 50 167 33.3 7.0
HHS206 23 150 500 33.3 13.8
HHS302 33 50 233 46.7 10.6
HHS306 33 152 710 46.7 19.2
HHS603 61 76 651 85.7 28.0
HHS606 61 150 1285 85.7 40.6
HHS1003 102 76 1088 143.1 64.0
HHS1006 102 150 2147 143.1 75.0


HHS101 110 70 38 20 2 3/4"-16un 30 M8 51 19
HHS102 140 70 38 20 2 3/4"-16un 30 M8 51 19
HHS106 297 70 38 20 2 3/4"-16un 30 M8 51 19
HHS202 160 100 51 30 3 7/8"-12un 40 M8 82.5 31
HHS206 306 100 51 30 3 7/8"-12un 40 M8 82.5 31
HHS302 165 115 60 35 4 1/2"-12un 40 M8 92 31
HHS306 320 115 60 35 4 1/2"-12un 40 M8 92 31
HHS603 226 160 92 55 6 1/4"-12un 59 M12 130 31
HHS606 315 160 92 55 6 1/4"-12un 59 M12 130 31
HHS1003 276 213 127 81 8 3/8"-12un 60 M16 178 45
HHS1006 350 213 127 81 8 3/8"-12un 60 M16 178 45
Product Details
HHS Range

Data sheet

HHS Range
11 to 102 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
25 to 152 mm
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