Hi-Force HVL Range

Model: HVL Range

The HVL pancake cylinder range combines a very low closed height with a 6mm stroke, providing a precise adjusting and lifting force in very confined work areas. Ideally suited for applications requiring alignment of machinery, turbines, heavy structures etc. All models are single acting, load return design. The base of all HVL cylinders must be fully supported during use.

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  • Single acting load return
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Nitrocarburised piston rod
  • Anti-extrusion seals

Single Acting Very Low Height Pancake Cylinders


HVL10 10 6 9 14.4 1.6
HVL20 20 6 17 28.6 2.6
HVL30 32 6 27 45.6 3.0
HVL50 50 6 43 71.3 7.2
HVL100 104 6 88 146.5 15.6


HVL10 28 87 38 111 16.0
HVL20 32 104 52 111 19.0
HVL30 34 120 60 111 19.5
HVL50 45 158 75 111 29.0
HVL100 65 200 100 76 37.0
Product Details
HVL Range

Data sheet

HVL Range
10 to 104 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
6 mm
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