Hi-Force HLS Range

Model: HLS Range

The HLS low height cylinder range is the most widely used Hi-Force cylinder design in the world today. All models have spring assisted return pistons and combine low closed height with optimum stroke lengths. Offering a compact, powerful force for a wide variety of applications in many industries including power generation, ship building & repair, construction, railways, mining, steel works, oil & gas and many others. The HLS range offers a compact, portable option in an inexpensive package.

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  • Single assisted return
  • Nitrocarburised piston rod
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Anti-extrusion seals

Single Acting Low Height Cylinders


HLS101 10 40 58 14.4 2.4
HLS201 20 44 126 28.6 4.8
HLS301 32 25 114 45.6 5.0
HLS302 32 60 274 45.6 7.0
HLS501 50 25 178 71.3 8.4
HLS502 50 60 428 71.3 10.4
HLS1001 109 25 384 153.4 19.8
HLS1002 109 60 921 153.4 24.0
HLS1501 147 25 516 206.2 37.0
HLS1502 147 50 1031 206.2 42.0


HLS101 95 70 38 M8 40 19
HLS201 102 90 51 M8 60 19
HLS301 83 102 60 M8 80 19
HLS302 119 102 60 M8 80 19
HLS501 91 127 70 M8 80 20
HLS502 126 127 70 M8 80 20
HLS1001 108 178 114 M12 140 30
HLS1002 143 178 114 M12 140 30
HLS1501 130 216 114 M12 165 41
HLS1502 155 216 114 M12 165 41
Product Details
HLS Range

Data sheet

HLS Range
10 to 147 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
25 to 60 mm
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