Aluminium Cylinders HAS Range

Model: HAS Range

The HAS range of single acting, lightweight, aluminium cylinders is specifically designed for applications where weight and ease of positioning are features of prime importance. With an average weight of approximately 50% of comparable capacity steel construction cylinders, all models are supplied with a hard anodised, wear resistant, piston rod and cylinder body and a steel cylinder base protection plate. Available lifting capacities range from 32 to 110 tonnes capacity, at maximum working pressure of 700 Bar. All models are commonly used in a wide variety of industrial applications in shipyards, steel mills, construction and power plants. Other capacities and stroke length options available on request.

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  • Spring assisted return
  • Steel base plate to protect cylinder body
  • Optional piston rod saddles
  • Hard anodised piston rod and cylinder
  • Low friction bearing surfaces

Single Acting Lightweight Aluminium Cylinders


HAS302 32 51 225 44.2 4.0
HAS306 32 152 672 44.2 6.0
HAS3012 32 305 1348 44.2 8.0
HAS502 51 51 1136 70.9 8.0
HAS506 51 152 1077 70.9 11.0
HAS5012 51 305 6792 70.9 16.0
HAS1002 110 51 785 153.9 19.0
HAS1006 110 152 2340 153.9 23.0
HAS1012 110 305 4695 153.9 34.0


HAS302 181 105 50 25
HAS306 282 105 50 25
HAS3012 435 105 50 25
HAS502 186 135 70 30
HAS506 287 135 70 30
HAS5012 440 135 70 30
HAS1002 216 195 110 41
HAS1006 317 195 110 41
HAS10012 470 195 110 41
Product Details
HAS Range

Data sheet

HAS Range
32 to 110 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
51 to 305 mm
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