Hi-Force HFA Range

Model: HFA Range

The HFA range offers the benefit of significantly reduced weight compared to conventional steel cylinders as well as combines all the versatility and efficiency of hydraulic power with the safety of mechanical load support. Ideally suited for applications requiring sustained load holding for extended periods, such as bridge support work, the HFA cylinders feature a single acting, spring assisted return piston threaded throughout its stroke length, to suit the threaded mechanical load holding lock ring. Other capacities and stroke lengths area available on request.

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  • Single acting, spring assisted return
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Tilting saddle fitted as standard
  • Hard anodised piston rod and cylinder for corrosion resistance
  • Anti-extrusion seals
  • Integral stop ring

Single Acting Failsafe Lock Ring Aluminium Cylinders


HFA302 32 51 232 45.4 6.0 TTB10
HFA306 32 152 691 45.4 8.0 TTB10
HFA3012 32 305 1386 45.4 11.0 TTB10
HFA502 51 51 364 71.3 9.0 TTB10
HFA506 51 152 1084 71.3 11.0 TTB10
HFA5012 51 305 62175 71.3 17.0 TTB10
HFA1002 110 51 785 153.9 24.0 TTB10
HFA1006 110 152 2340 153.9 30.0 TTB10
HFA10012 110 305 4695 153.9 39.0 TTB10


HFA302 227 108 50 20
HFA306 328 108 50 20
HFA3012 481 108 50 20
HFA502 231 133 70 25
HFA506 332 133 70 25
HFA5012 485 133 70 25
HFA1002 277 202 100 35
HFA1006 378 202 100 35
HFA10012 531 202 100 35
Product Details
HFA Range

Data sheet

HFA Range
32 to 110 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
51 to 301 mm
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