Acting High Tonnage Aluminium Cylinder HRA Range

Model: HRA Range

The HRA double acting high tonnage aluminium cylinder range has been specifically designed to offer heavy duty lifting solutions for applications where weight and portability are of prime importance. The double acting design of the cylinders offers higher work output with improved performance and efficiency.

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  • Hard anodised piston rod and cylinder for corrosion resistance
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Pressure relief valve on annulus side
  • Handles fitted as standard on models 50 tonne upwards
  • Anti-extrusion seals

Double Acting High Tonnage Aluminium Cylinders


HRA302 32 51 225.3 44.2 5.0
HRA306 32 152 671.5 44.2 7.0
HRA3012 32 305 1347.5 44.2 10.0
HRA502 51 51 361.5 70.9 10.0
HRA506 51 152 1077.4 70.9 13.0
HRA5012 51 305 2161.9 70.9 19.0
HRA1002 110 51 785.1 153.9 22.0
HRA1006 110 152 2339.9 153.9 29.0
HRA10012 110 305 4695.1 153.9 39.0


HRA302 204 105 60 50 25 136
HRA306 305 105 60 50 25 237
HRA3012 458 105 60 50 25 390
HRA502 221 135 79 70 30 141
HRA506 322 135 79 70 30 242
HRA5012 475 135 79 70 30 395
HRA1002 258 202 110 100 41 172
HRA1006 359 202 110 100 41 273
HRA10012 512 202 110 100 41 426
Product Details
HRA Range

Data sheet

HRA Range
32 to 110 Tonnes
Working Pressure
700 Bar
Stroke Length
51 to 305 mm
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