Rigid Lifting System LiftFix

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LiftFix LF - Rigid Guiding System up to 500 kg

In combination with the smooth aluminum rails FEZER offer a rigidly guided system that allows to precisely place and pick up loads. The telescopic aluminum profiles with their sturdy and exact guides not only allow large strokes with low heights, but also to pick up off-center loads which makes it possible to feed over-built machines. The stroke can be controlled sensitively with two speeds. 

There are a multitude of options so that almost any application can be realized.

  • Telescopic lifting system with sliding guides
  • Lifting drive by chain hoist with two speeds and adjustable limit switches
  • Friction wheel drives for electrical motions in x- and y-direction
  • Flange-on grippers with vacuum or mechanical clamping elements
  • Ergonomical manipulating handles with all required control buttons