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Model: MC Series

The Manipulator MC Series is a range of reliable, precise and cost-effective robot manipulators designed to increase productivity and maximize efficiency in industrial automation applications. With cutting-edge technology and a wide range of features, the Manipulator MC Series is the ideal choice for any industrial automation project.

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MC model manipulators

The peculiarity of the column models is that they can be positioned with a base on the ground by means of a bottom puller and serve the areas intended for the handling of the components with working radii that vary with the variation of the applied weights. The manipulators can be positioned on a self-stable base that can be trailered with forks that allows the manipulator to be moved to the various positions concerned simply by connecting to the compressed air supply points. What differentiates one machine from another are the variables that come into play for the choice of the model including the maximum capacity, the range of action and the type of tool to be suspended in order to carry out the correct gripping of the component.


A single-acting pneumatic cylinder, fed with compressed air, exerts a linear force on a transmission system with levers which, when linked to pins, performs an arcuate vertical movement. The force of the cylinder is managed through two suitably prepared pneumatic circuits: the first ensures that the weight of the gripping system is always balanced; the second always keeps the weight of the load balanced. The movement of the load takes place by the hand of the operator who, being directly in contact with the machine, through the ergonomic handle, limits the force used to move it.


All our machines are born from a careful 3D design that allows to verify the correct geometry of the same in relation to the layout provided or detected directly by the customer. Thanks to computer-generated simulations it is possible to have a preview of the movements that the machine will be able to perform and guarantee a perfect result in terms of ergonomics and operation. SAFETY All the machines we produce adopt safety systems developed to prevent the operator from being exposed to risks during the handling of loads. According to the system adopted for gripping the components, there are different types of connections in the pneumatic circuit in order to make the machine safe and reliable.
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MC Series

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MC Series
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