Goyen Filter Failure Detector FFD

Model: FFD

The main purpose of Goyen FFD is to detect significant increases in particulate concentration likely to be related with a broken bag in the filter or other major failures. Thanks to the 4-20 mA output it also acts as an integrated unit to deliver dependable and pragmatic filter monitoring.

The FFD utilizes a unique probe electrification technology which provides much better performances than conventional DC triboelectric systems as well as alternative AC systems. This allows extending the velocity range over which the system has no cross sensitivity to changing velocity. Thanks to that technology, the FFD is also unaffected by build-up of particulate on the sensing rod, thus eliminating signal drift concerns.

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A charge signature is induced by particulates in the airstream interacting with the sensing rod. The FFD extracts a specific frequency band from the induced AC current signature and filter out the DC current generated by direct particle collisions. In order to reject signals falling outside a pre-defined frequency range, the so resulting signal is electronically filtered. Thanks to that, Goyen | Mecair filter failure detectors are less susceptible to changes in particle velocity and are not affected by any particulate contamination on the sensing rod.

  • Suitable for a wide range of dust collectors designs and configurations
  • Dust level response: <1mg/m3 to 500mg/ m3 (<0.028 mg/ft3 to 14 mg/ft3)
  • Flue gas velocity from 4m/sec
  • Flue gas temperature up to 200°C (390°F)
  • Ambient temperature from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +120°F)
  • Duct sizes from 0.5m
  • Hazardous area ATEX II 3GD

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